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The ultimate outdoor trip on Bonaire!

Discover Bonaire in a different way, both over land and on and in the water?

Is this something for you? Then this new trend in adventure sports is guaranteed to suit you. With the final destination being little Bonaire where you will have the opportunity to do some great snorkelling. 

Don’t miss this adventurous PACKRAFT-TRIP on Bonaire and book soon, FULL=FULL

PACKRAFT-TRIP organises various challenging trips on the island of Bonaire. You do this through an exciting sophisticated itinerary, where we offer various disciplines in adventure sports. Hiking, packraft, mountain biking, jeep riding, sailing at sea and snorkelling at little Bonaire.

We will point you to unique locations you will otherwise never visit. The underwater world and the special animals that live on Bonaire are worth experiencing. You will explore the stunning locations we talk about yourself with a route map we have put together for you. 

We offer 2 different trips, the short route SMALL PACKRAFT TRIP and the large route BIG PACKRAFT TRIP. Both trips an exciting challenging trip that you will have a fun memory of in the future.

What is a packraft?

A packraft is a small portable inflatable boat designed for use in all waters, including technical whitewater areas, ocean bays and fjords. A packraft is designed to be light enough to be transported over longer distances.

The packraft is used for various routes in nature with many wetlands, so you can make beautiful trips on hiking trails, cycling paths and make various crossings over the most beautiful water areas.


The trip is for anyone aged 16 and above with good health and basic fitness.

This trip is considered an independent adventure where guides/escorts are present at certain locations. The guides are well-trained and experienced in different natural areas and climates and will support you when needed.

There is an emergency number that you can always call in case of an emergency so that the supervisor can help you or call for help.

At the start of the packraft trip, the guide explains everything and demonstrates how the packraft works and how it is filled with air. It is also explained what to watch out for that can and cannot be done with this packraft boat. It is also explained how best to fold the boat again after use.

The packraft trip can be done in groups or alone.

Staying together in groups is not mandatory. (It is the most sociable, though)

So you can take the trip at your own pace.

Important are sturdy good shoes, airy clothes as it can be hot on the way. Make sure you are going to protect yourself properly from the sun. Take sufficient and appropriate sunscreen, cap or hat, sunglasses and possibly long-sleeved T-shirt. An extra pair of socks is not wrong and are recommended.

It is very important that you bring enough food and drink! 

It can be hot on the road, in the process you lose a lot of fluids. It is important to have enough water with you. During the trip you will also consume a lot of energy so take enough nutritious food with you for the road.

The backpack has a capacity of 80 litres. The backpack you get to borrow from us is made of lightweight material. The backpack will hold your own food and drinks and any other essentials you want to use along the way. The packraft also goes in the backpack and weighs a total of 4 kilos.

You must follow the instructed and mapped out route we indicate, so we know exactly where you are should anything happen or support be needed. 

To avoid dangerous situations, the route has been planned so that it is feasible for everyone to have an enjoyable tour.

The route we indicate is marked in colour on the map. At several crossings we will be waiting for you. Should we not see you at these points, we know which section you are in to support you.

If you realise you have lost your way or are in doubt, do not walk any further but call our emergency number which you can reach throughout the trip.

You can borrow a snorkel from us or bring your own (please indicate in advance).

You may have to get wet and enter the water, swimwear or clothes that are allowed to get wet is definitely recommended. 

For snorkelling on little Bonaire, you will need swimwear.

The sea crossing is definitely safe there is a guide present, we are present with a seaworthy boat to ensure your safety during the crossing.

Participants will be provided with life jackets for safety during the crossing

No this is certainly not necessary, you can also take a dip in the water at NO NAME BEACH during this activity. After about 35 minutes, when everyone has finished snorkelling, we sail back with our boat.

The group consists of a maximum of eight people. We can provide maximum quality and personal attention at this number.

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